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RKL & Associates, LLC. was founded in 1991 to help small businesses in Connecticut get the most out of their technology. Over the years we’ve expanded nationally to help many small and medium-sized businesses relieve their technology issues leaving them free to concentrate on growing and achieving their goals. 

Most companies claim to deliver excellence and to be focused on customer service but few have the track record to prove it. RKL has both longevity and customer retention to back up its claim of superior service.

RKL’s founder Rodney Le Blanc believes that what sets us apart is our determination to source indiscriminately the most appropriate technology for our customers’ business. As an independent consultant with a large portfolio of vendors, you can be sure we are working to fulfill your needs.

Honest communication is deeply ingrained into our structure and philosophy. Our long success record shows we have the fortitude and stability to deliver on our commitment to your business

Rodney LeBlanc

Rodney is a skilled technology and business consultant with 30+ years of experience guiding businesses on how IT can advance their organization.

In the 1980’s Rodney was a chef in Silicon Valley. While working in this hotbed of technological innovation Rodney became interested in creating applications for the restaurant industry. He began by writing a software program for inventory and recipe costing and this soon led him to form a computer consulting business. Originally focusing on showing restaurants how to be profitable Rodney realized his passion was for helping small businesses navigate the fast-changing world of technology.

In 1991 Rodney moved back to Connecticut to raise his family. He founded RKL with a mission to bring cutting-edge IT hardware, security and software to local businesses. Through his knowledge of business honed in the cutthroat restaurant industry and his fascination with the latest technology, Rodney brought innovative success to a diverse portfolio of local organizations. Small and medium-sized businesses, non-profits, and local governments have all benefited from his consulting expertise.

Rodney still enjoys cooking, being a foodie, and supporting the local food movement. He volunteers and is a supporter of local organizations in his community.




Our Team Is Your Team


As a vendor-neutral technology provider, RKL works with the world’s best companies. By combining the purchasing power of our many clients we have access to their top technicians. In effect, they are your teammates; teammates as qualified as those available to Fortune 500 companies.

Today’s technology solutions are a team game and the strongest team wins. With RKL as your IT outsourced team, you are backed by the strongest teammates in the world.

Steve Fixer – Computer Systems Engineer III

Steve has worked in Inform
After exiting the Air Force, he went to work in the family business and acquired the following certifications to enhance his technical skills:

  • COMTIA certifications A+ation Technology since 1988, beginning with his career in the US Air Force.
  • Network+,
  • Server+
  • CDIA+ t

For many years Steve specialized in printing and scanning devices with an emphasis on document management. Steve brings to RKL an extensive technical support background. Steve has a knack for calmly and patiently solving problems making clients feel confident and at ease.

Don Russel- Senior Engineer and Project Manager

Don Russell has 20 years’ experience as an Expert in VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Office 365, and Security. Don focuses on getting projects done  smoothly and on time. 

Sherri Fairchild Office Manager

Sherri has over 20 years as the Office Manager for RKL. Building long-lasting relationships with our clients and solving their problems is her passion.


Why choose us

Consider RKL the boutique hotel of Technological Consultants. We specialize in small to medium-size organization’s in order to give each client the attention they deserve. Would you prefer to be just another guest in a huge chain, or part of a small group enjoying top-class concierge service?

At RKL we give you the boutique experience. Everybody knows your name and your companies structure. Our whole team is dedicated to your success.


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Our client retention rates are second to none and we credit this to our three powers philosophy;

Power One
Review and actively listen until we understand your problems, business structure and goals.
Power Two
Apply empathy and creative problem solving, respecting the clients business knowledge and budget. Our technicians are trained to communicate. From the front office to the back servers, obnoxious geeks have no place at RKL.
Power Three
The proactive and judicious selection of the technology you need to succeed. Power three is the natural result of the first two powers. We intend to be your Service Provider for the long term and contribute as a team player to your success. Where many other companies have a let’s wait till it breaks, then fix it attitude, RKL prefers a holistic approach. We anticipate problems and find solutions before they occur.

We Are Here To Help

Get in touch with us today to talk about your needs.  We are happy to arrange a free consultation and assessment of your technology.

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