Windows 10 offers plenty of benefits for businesses. With a more user-friendly interface and the return of the “start” menu, business owners will find Windows 10 offers a better experience than its predecessor.

  • A tailored experience for each device. Whereas Windows 8 sought to keep the same user interface (UI) for every device, Windows 10 is a “product family,” with an experience tailored to the nature of each advice.
  • The return of the Start Menu. One of the biggest complaints about Windows 8 was the disappearance of the Start Menu. It’s back, and it will allow you to arrange the tiles on your desktop as you see fit without needing to leave the desktop.
  • Data protection. When you use Windows 10, you can rest assured that your business’s sensitive data will be protected better than ever before. Users will only be able to open files based on tiered access, and protection follows the files wherever they’re transferred.
  • Enhanced BYOD. Many businesses allow employees to use their own devices at work. Now, you’ll be able to securely delete files from an employee’s device if and when necessary without also wiping their personal data.
  • Ease of administration and interface. Windows 10 aims to be a far less confusing venture than Windows 8 when it first came out. The update returns to a more familiar OS, offering ease of use to admins and technical staff while maintaining the business-friendly features of Windows 8 Enterprise.