If you’re like most small businesses throughout the Connecticut area, the answer is probably a resounding NO. In fact, when it comes to your network, you probably spend most of your time worrying or feeling frustrated…

You say things like:

“Why can’t this stuff just work the way it’s supposed to?”
“Does IT support really need to cost this much?”
“Isn’t there some way we can PREVENT all these problems?”
“Is this really how it has to be?”

At RKL & Associates, we understand the challenges that small business owners face everyday when it comes to their technology. And we’re here to help you get the MOST from your computer network so you can:

  • Do what you do best and never worry about your technology
  • Leverage your technology to get MORE done more efficiently
  • Focus on growing your business
  • Save money on all of your technology needs
  • Create a predictable monthly technology budget that works for you

It all starts with our proactive approach to computer networking that PREVENTS most problems before they start and takes care of small glitches BEFORE they become big issues that lead to downtime and lost productivity.

In other words, we take the hassle and frustration out of maintaining your technology and put YOU in control again! You pay a predictable, fixed monthly fee that’s tailored to your business and your technology needs. We monitor your network 24/7, download the latest patches and updates, handle small fixes remotely while you keep working and ensure your network has rock-solid protection from viruses, worms, hackers and more.

Plus, we’re always here when you need us – whether it’s a quick support question or an on site repair. In short, we make computer networking SIMPLE, so you don’t have to worry!

Get Started Today!
At RKL Associates we want to hear what you want your technology to do for your business and how we can make that happen for you. That’s why we offer a free consultation to go over your technology one on one. No magic – just a good, honest conversation as experts in each of our fields. We’ll also invite you to talk with some of our existing clients to learn about many of the great technology solutions we’ve implemented that make or save them money.

Take the first step to controlling your computer support costs and getting the most from your network technology. Contact RKL Associates today to get started!

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